Jack Perkins worked for forty years in television – first as a correspondent for NBC News, later as a host of the acclaimed A&E series “Biography.”

Retiring with his wife to an uninhabited island off the coast of Maine, he began working in new ways – writing poetry, and studying with many great photographers at the Maine Photographic Workshops, learning the skills of fine art photography.

At first, that meant lugging an old-fashioned view camera out into the field, returning to his island home and its basement darkroom. Later, as technology began transforming the craft, Perkins transformed with it.

Now his photography is digital. The finest cameras, computer workflow, printers, papers and inksets permit a quality and an archival print longevity never before possible. But Jack's primary focus these days is inspiriational writings and poetry.

He and his wife, the artist Mary Jo Perkins, live now on an island off the west coast of Florida.



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