Poet/Photographer Jack Perkins
introduces his newest book: Nature of God

Dear Friends,

I am happy and proud to announce the release of my newest book, NATURE OF GOD.

Its writings range far in years and miles, doing what the subtitle announces: Exploring Creation to Find the Creator.

To have the book at last come to fruition gratifies my soul and I hope readers will find interest, enjoyment and inspiration from it.

It is available NOW directly from Amazon.com.

The Kindle version e-book will be out shortly.

Autographed and personalized copies may be ordered from this site or order through PayPal. Let us know how many copies you wish to purchase at a price of just $20.00 per. (Price includes shipping.) And how you wish them personalized.

Thanks for your interest and, please, know that I will welcome any comments you have on the work. Especially anything you would be willing to post as an Amazon.com review.

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